THE DEVIL’S MOUTH Release Date: May 17

Save the date! I am very pleased to announce that The Devil’s Mouth, my much-anticipated action-horror thriller, will be available on Amazon’s Kindle store on May 17.

Yeah I know I said it would be out in April. I lied. This time I’m serious though. It’s been a long road, and I’m really excited to finally be kicking this little baby bird out of the nest.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00021]

Here’s the blurb:

The only things Alex Rains cares about are rock ’n’ roll, classic cars, and killing vampires—that is, until he meets Carmen, a tough-as-nails cop who’s hot on the trail of her missing little sister.

When the two join forces, they leave a trail of corpses across the desert as they race against the clock, hunting an ancient evil that’s preyed on the migrants of the American Southwest since the time of the Spanish conquest.

While Alex leads Carmen deeper into the deadly, secret world of vampire hunters and their quarry, a romance blooms that neither of them expected. But when it all goes wrong, Alex is forced to make a grueling choice.

An action-horror thriller from author Matt Kincade, The Devil’s Mouth is an adrenaline-fueled ride through the dark underbelly of America: a warped landscape of old motels, seedy roadhouse bars, and monsters lurking in the night.

Sounds cool, right? Stay tuned, more updates to follow.



Well hello there, reader! Just a quick update on the progress of my soon-to-be-released book, The Devil’s Mouth

But first I’d like to say, “soon” is one of those words that quickly loses all meaning when you read it too many times. Soon. Soon. Soon soon soon. Soooooon….

Okay, anyway. I’ve just received the first proof of the Kindle version of The Devil’s Mouth, (My soon-to-be-released supernatural action-horror novel) and I must say it’s looking sharp. If I hadn’t already read it like ten thousand times at this point, I would definitely want to buy it.

So, I’m reading through it one more time, making sure the formatting is okay. And I’m also making a list of blogs and websites that review this sort of thing, in anticipation of its Kindle release, which will likely be later this month. Exciting!

If anybody would like to suggest a book review blog or website, (of which there are a bewildering variety) please let me know down in the comments or shoot me an email. And if any of my loyal readers are interested in an advance copy for review, that could possibly be arranged…


Oh baby, you look so good to me right now…

No way, look who got some fan-art!


Guess who got some fan art? This guy. This guy right here. Oh look, it’s everyone’s favorite rockabilly vampire hunter, Alex Rains, chilling out with his katana and a classic car, probably thinking about all the vampires he’s going to kill.

I still haven’t gotten over the thrill of seeing stuff that previously only existed in my head, only now it’s outside of my head. It’s in someone else’s head. Well that sounds kind of weird, but you get the idea.

This was drawn up by my good friend John-Thomas Pryor after reading some stuff on my blog, including the this free preview of The Devil’s Mouth

Check out John’s instagram, where he showcases the many really cool things he makes. And of course, look out for the full version of The Devil’s mouth, which will be available on the Kindle store later this month.

Does anybody have thoughts about ebook conversion services?

Hi there! I’ve been researching ebook conversion services, and frankly I’m a little bewildered. There are just way too many choices, and a baffling variety of prices. If any other self-published authors out there have advice or recommendations about which services to use or not use, that would be super cool.

I’ve had limited success converting files on my own, but it seems like I always find some kind of embarrassing formatting error five minutes after I upload my manuscript, then I have to go back and upload it again. For my latest project, I’ve decided it might be worth my while to seek professional help.

So, yeah. Anybody had any experience with converting files for kindle, smashwords, or createspace? Any amusing anecdotes? Sage advice? Horror stories? no


I got my new cover proofs, and I’m super excited

I might have mentioned once or twice that my upcoming novel, The Devil’s Mouth, is creeping ever closer to publication. Okay, I might have mentioned it more than once or twice.

The blog experts (blogsperts? blogthorities?) tell me that I should maintain a 1:10 ratio of self-promotion versus other content, so that my blog is entertaining and informative and doesn’t seem like a blatant commercial. But dammit, I’m really really excited, so I just have to break the rules.


This is what I’ve got so far. Pretty cool, right? I love the Fear-And-Loathing vibe, and I think the tone fits just right, conveying the pulpy action vibe, letting you know that it’s certainly not YA fiction, but it’s not all that damned serious, either. It lets you know right up front that it’s about a guy in a cowboy hat who kills vampires with a samurai sword, and if that’s not your bag, you should probably go and read some other book. It’s a strange and pretty cool experience to see my own bizarre imagination interpreted through somebody else’s eyes.

All the stuff on the back cover is filler, so don’t bother reading all that. Just marvel in the glory. Marvel, I say! Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00021]

I’ve been working with Jake Clark at to put a cover together, and he’s been an absolute joy to work with. If anybody out there reading this is looking for a cover designer, I’d highly recommend checking him out.

What do you guys think? Questions, comments? Shameless flattery? Leave a comment down below!

Holy crap somebody actually left a (good) review of my book

So, a year or two ago, I decided I’d like to publish something. Anything. Just for the sake of having something out there. Just for the sake of actually finishing something. I had a novella, We Only Come Out At Night, that I’d written years and years ago and never really done much with. I dusted it off and gave it a read. It wasn’t as bad as I’d remembered. So I polished it up, made a cover, and published it—with high hopes— on Amazon Kindle.

WeOnlyComeOutAtNight I didn’t know anything about promotion. About Search Engine Optimization. About Kindle algorithms or keywords or categories or advertising or any of that stuff. I just wanted to publish a book. And so I did. I sent my baby out into the world.

You can probably guess what happened next. Of course, my book quickly and unceremoniously sank to the bottom of the Kindle Sea, like a mobster wearing cement shoes. And there it stayed, drowned under millions and millions of slightly less unsuccessful books, while the giants of the sea, the Kings and Rowlings and Koontzes, swam by far overhead.

Through Kindle’s free promotions I managed to give away fifty or sixty copies; I even sold three or four. But nobody felt strongly enough about it to actually leave a review, good or bad. This left me feeling strangely neutral about my work. I mean, it’s not good enough for anybody to say good things, but at least it’s not bad enough for people to say bad things, right? After a few weeks of obsessively checking my Kindle reports, I sort of gave up and forgot about it. I moved on to other things.

I don’t think it’s a bad book, per se, or I wouldn’t have published it. But I never expected it to be a blockbuster. It doesn’t exactly fit neatly into a genre. It’s kind of a sad, tragic little story. Sort of Romeo and Juliet meets The Outsiders, but with vampires. It isn’t even 20,000 words. It’s kind of angsty teen vampire fiction, and isn’t really representative of where I’m at today as a writer. And yet, I’m pretty fond of it. It’s got a special little place in my heart. So I keep hoping that someday it’ll maybe get some traction, maybe someday I’ll find out that someone wasn’t angry that they spent ninety-nine cents to read it. Someday.

Imagine my surprise when I returned from vacation, and just for shits and giggles, took a look at my Amazon sales report. I sold a book! Not only that, but that person actually read the book! And they liked it! They liked it so much they left a good review! Oh, happy day.

Witty, adventurous, and heart-wrenching, this book hooked me and wouldn’t let go! The descriptive writing had me visualizing every pleasant and disturbing moment, and everything in between. Cant wait to see what else Kincade has in store!

Omg omg omg author boner.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, you sold one book. You got one good review. That’s not really much to get excited about. To you I say: Shut up. Don’t you fucking ruin this for me.

So hey, if Sydney Katzen enjoyed it, maybe you might too. It’s less than that cup of coffee you bought this morning, and you can probably read it in an afternoon. And maybe, just maybe, you might leave a review and make my day.

Of course this doesn’t apply just to me. All you aspiring authors out there probably already know this, but for the rest of you who buy ebooks, the single biggest factor that determines kindle rankings, that decides whether a book shows up in searches so people can buy it and the author can make the monies, or whether a book gets sent down to the depths of Kindle hell, is reader reviews. So if you like a book, the best thing you can do for that author is simply leave a review.

You can find We Only Come Out At Night on the Kindle Store

Knock Knock! Hello there! Do you have a moment to talk about your free preview of THE DEVIL’S MOUTH?

I don’t know about the good book, but I can tell you about a good book. The prologue and the first three chapters of my upcoming action/horror novel, The Devil’s Mouth, are available for free! Give it a read! See what you think! And then when you think it’s totally awesome, you can read the whole thing when it comes out in April. Really, what do you have to lose?

Click those links. You know you want to.

The Devil’s Mouth Preview (.pdf)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for Kindle (.mobi)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for epub (.epub)

Vampire Hunter’s Playlist-“Run On” by Elvis Presley

Alex Rains, the protagonist of my upcoming action/horror thriller The Devil’s Mouth, has an unhealthy fascination with 1950s Americana. So, just to set the mood, I’m occasionally going to post some of the music that Alex has playing on his iPod while he hacks vampires to pieces with a samurai sword.

First up, “Run On” by Elvis Presley, released on RCA records in 1967. This spiritual was also recorded by Johnny Cash under the title “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

This song’s up-tempo, driving beat is just the sort of thing to listen to when you’re cutting down bloodthirsty hell-fiends.

Pick up a free preview of “The Devil’s Mouth” by clicking right here.

Free ebook-We Only Come Out At Night

Who wants a free ebook? From today until Sunday, my debut novella, We Only Come Out At Night, is available for free through the Kindle store.

newcover“In high school, Paul, David, and Nadia always dreamed of being vampires. Then they met the vampire who could actually make it happen. As it turns out, eternal youth is everything they thought it could be. No school, no job, no responsibilities, and the party never stops. Until the night when it all goes wrong…”

I wrote this one quite a while ago, before I decided that killing vampires was more fun than empathizing with them. It’s a strange, tragic little coming-of-age story, but it was one of the first things I ever wrote that actually turned out close to the way I wanted it to, so I guess it’s got a special place in my heart. If you enjoy reading it, I sure wouldn’t mind a good review.

Click here to purchase

Or not purchase, because it’s free.