About Matt

mypicture.pngMatt Kincade has been a pizza chef, a sandwich artist, a cash register jockey, a night manager, a furniture assembler, and a creepy one-hour photo clerk. Currently he works at the latest in his long line of low-status jobs, while he pursues his lifelong dream of being a moderately successful author of supernatural pulp fiction and sci-fi.Matt lives in Northern California, where he enjoys the outdoors and gets out into the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains every chance he gets, whether to hike, camp, or just go jump in a creek. When not writing or working at his slave job, Matt makes music, rides his bicycle, reads too much, watches movies, and plays video games.

If Matt drank as much alcohol as he does coffee, his family and friends would have staged an intervention by now. Matt shares his home with a cat who grudgingly tolerates his existence.

In a bizarre Tyler-Durden-esque double life, Matt is known to some as Cooter Jackson, and runs the entirely serious news blog, The Mud Lake Proboscis.

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