Does anybody have thoughts about ebook conversion services?

Hi there! I’ve been researching ebook conversion services, and frankly I’m a little bewildered. There are just way too many choices, and a baffling variety of prices. If any other self-published authors out there have advice or recommendations about which services to use or not use, that would be super cool.

I’ve had limited success converting files on my own, but it seems like I always find some kind of embarrassing formatting error five minutes after I upload my manuscript, then I have to go back and upload it again. For my latest project, I’ve decided it might be worth my while to seek professional help.

So, yeah. Anybody had any experience with converting files for kindle, smashwords, or createspace? Any amusing anecdotes? Sage advice? Horror stories? no


4 thoughts on “Does anybody have thoughts about ebook conversion services?

  1. From what I know, the html required isnt too tough to learn, but probably like yourself I dont intend on doing it unless I absolutely have to.
    I’ve heard you can get a book formatted for around $75+ but be careful theres some rogue fu*kers out there.

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    1. Those awful rogue fu*kers. Yeah, I feel the same way about html as I do about fixing my car. I technically can do it, but someone else could do it better and quicker I’d really rather just pay because it’s a pain in the ass.

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  2. I’ve got some DTP software from Serif that’s fairly cheap & is supposed to be able to save things into an e-book format, but I haven’t actually tried it yet. Wish I could be more helpful. Perhaps I could make you a nice cup of tea?

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