I got my new cover proofs, and I’m super excited

I might have mentioned once or twice that my upcoming novel, The Devil’s Mouth, is creeping ever closer to publication. Okay, I might have mentioned it more than once or twice.

The blog experts (blogsperts? blogthorities?) tell me that I should maintain a 1:10 ratio of self-promotion versus other content, so that my blog is entertaining and informative and doesn’t seem like a blatant commercial. But dammit, I’m really really excited, so I just have to break the rules.


This is what I’ve got so far. Pretty cool, right? I love the Fear-And-Loathing vibe, and I think the tone fits just right, conveying the pulpy action vibe, letting you know that it’s certainly not YA fiction, but it’s not all that damned serious, either. It lets you know right up front that it’s about a guy in a cowboy hat who kills vampires with a samurai sword, and if that’s not your bag, you should probably go and read some other book. It’s a strange and pretty cool experience to see my own bizarre imagination interpreted through somebody else’s eyes.

All the stuff on the back cover is filler, so don’t bother reading all that. Just marvel in the glory. Marvel, I say! Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000039_00021]

I’ve been working with Jake Clark at http://www.jcalebdesign.com to put a cover together, and he’s been an absolute joy to work with. If anybody out there reading this is looking for a cover designer, I’d highly recommend checking him out.

What do you guys think? Questions, comments? Shameless flattery? Leave a comment down below!

7 thoughts on “I got my new cover proofs, and I’m super excited

  1. Looks like something I would read! I like the cowboy samurai thing! Very cool! Oh! I’ve looked at the cover this whole time and just now saw the vampire mouth. awesome!

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    1. Thank you! I feel I should mention that there’s a free preview available in the sidebar. I’ve just been over looking at your blog, and your stuff is quite good! Maybe someday you’ll write some fan fiction in my universe.

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