No way, look who got some fan-art!


Guess who got some fan art? This guy. This guy right here. Oh look, it’s everyone’s favorite rockabilly vampire hunter, Alex Rains, chilling out with his katana and a classic car, probably thinking about all the vampires he’s going to kill.

I still haven’t gotten over the thrill of seeing stuff that previously only existed in my head, only now it’s outside of my head. It’s in someone else’s head. Well that sounds kind of weird, but you get the idea.

This was drawn up by my good friend John-Thomas Pryor after reading some stuff on my blog, including the this free preview of The Devil’s Mouth

Check out John’s instagram, where he showcases the many really cool things he makes. And of course, look out for the full version of The Devil’s mouth, which will be available on the Kindle store later this month.

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