Cover Artist Series: J Caleb Design

Cover Designer. Legend. J Caleb design. Check it out.

One Book Two

Invested_Ivana 50Welcome to One Book Two’s monthly series on cover artists! This month we’re talking with Jake Clark of J Caleb Design. Welcome, Jake!

JakeClark50Thanks! Let me just say how humbled I am to have been asked to do this interview. You guys have interviewed some cover designers who I get inspiration from and aspire to be as good as one day. To do this interview is definitely a highlight!

Invested_Ivana 50Aw, thanks! You came to my attention as a cover artist when we reviewed The Devil’s Mouth by Matt Kincade. I love that cover! Can you tell us a little bit about the thought process you and Matt went through to design it?

JakeClark50I met Matt via and we immediately hit it off. I could tell, just from our initial messages, that he thought along the same lines I did, so I knew a good cover was in the works!…

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