Six Word Stories Redux


Round two…Fight!


“Give me liberty, or give…aaaargh!”


“Hold on!”
“I can’t! I love—”


“Mr. Goldstein? Come with us, please.”


His bulletproof vest couldn’t stop love.


“This must be a nightmare.” Nope.


“I had to. Don’t hate me.”


Dreams of dying hadn’t prepared him.


She smelled the wine. “Nice try.”

6 thoughts on “Six Word Stories Redux

  1. The art here seems to be cramming as much story as possible into as few words as possible, or in this case six.

    Come in, she said. Bad move.

    “Dude, cool dog…” “Page surgery pronto!”

    His day began with death. His.

    No. No. No. No. Ok, sure.

    R.R. Martin left, and winter came…

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