4 thoughts on “Some advice to live by

  1. What brilliant insight! On the other hand, we fiction writers are a rare breed who tend to find ourselves alone in a world of “normal” people who can’t relate to us. “Normal” people are usually not “assholes” toward the people they understand and approve of. Still, I wouldn’t argue with William Gibson. His advice here is excellent.

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      1. Yes, I’ve got permanent footprints on my back from sociopaths. “Assholes” would be a polite term for them. Psychologists have written that sociopaths comprise 1 to 4 per cent of the population.

        Still, a lot of nice, decent people simply don’t know how to tolerate creatives. They are cold and disdainful of us, but warm and supportive of those they understand at a gut level. Similarly, I think many of us are too quick to write off people as “assholes” who merely disagree with us on basic assumptions, usually religious, political or scientific.


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