The Sandcastle

The folks over at The Drabble were kind enough to post my short story, The Sandcastle. Does this mean I’m a published author? I say yes. Go check them out!


By Matt Kincade

Timmy dragged his father’s big sledgehammer across the backyard to the sandbox.

In his dad’s scrap pile, he found a two-foot length of rebar. He posted it in the sand.

The boy strained to lift the sledge. Tink tink tink. The rebar sank until six inches protruded.

He upended a bucket of sand over the steel then lifted the bucket away, leaving a smooth, tall tower. He added walls, moats, battlements.

Johnny rounded the corner and spied the sandcastle. His eyes lit up evilly. “Nice sandcastle, nerd,” he said, as he wound back for a mighty kick.

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