Normal people don’t get excited about this kind of thing.

Grammar is a lot like sex: I think it’s really awesome, even if I’m not that good at it. But grammar is even better than sex in that I can always go back afterwords and fix my mistakes. Also, I get more chances to practice grammar.

Although the Internet gives me instant access to the entirety of human knowledge, I still get a warm, fuzzy feeling from having a well-stocked reference shelf.

CMSSo I bought the grammar Bible. The punctuation Necronomicon. The syntax Kama Sutra. The Chicago Manual of Style.

It’s all in there. Ellipsis or em dash? Italics or quotation marks? When to hyphenate? Aw, yeah. I’ve got all the answers. I’m not saying I’ll go to the trouble of finding the answers, for, let’s say, some dumb blog post about a book I just bought. But it’s good to know I could look up all the answers if I really wanted to.


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