Well hello there…

Hi everybody!

My name is Matt. I like to write stories. And hopefully you’ll like to read them. This site doesn’t look like much at the moment, but with any luck that’ll change before too long. I just uploaded my novella, “We Only Come Out At Night” to the Kindle store the other day, and so far I’ve managed to give away about fifty copies. Which is awesome, actually. That’s like twenty-five times more people than have read it previously. I acknowledge that I’d probably have more commercial success by stuffing my manuscript into a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, but hey. It still feels good. It’s a start. And it means I actually finished something for once in my god-damned life.

So, on the off chance that anybody is actually reading this, welcome. In the near future I’d like to start posting some of my short stories here, and maybe I’ll write a blog post or two if I think of something worth writing about.

Hey, download my book, I’ll be your friend!

We Only Come Out At Night

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