If you don’t download a free preview of THE DEVIL’S MOUTH, the vampires win.


You don’t want the vampires to win. Trust me. Download the first three chapters of my upcoming action horror/thriller, The Devil’s Mouth. 

I apologize for the lack of a spiffy cover for these, and I promise that’s a situation I’ll have remedied by the book’s release date.

The full version of The Devil’s Mouth will be available on the Kindle store in April.

The Devil’s Mouth Preview (.pdf)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for Kindle (.mobi)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview epub (.epub)

Vampire Hunter’s Playlist-“Run On” by Elvis Presley

Alex Rains, the protagonist of my upcoming action/horror thriller The Devil’s Mouth, has an unhealthy fascination with 1950s Americana. So, just to set the mood, I’m occasionally going to post some of the music that Alex has playing on his iPod while he hacks vampires to pieces with a samurai sword.

First up, “Run On” by Elvis Presley, released on RCA records in 1967. This spiritual was also recorded by Johnny Cash under the title “God’s Gonna Cut You Down.”

This song’s up-tempo, driving beat is just the sort of thing to listen to when you’re cutting down bloodthirsty hell-fiends.

Pick up a free preview of “The Devil’s Mouth” by clicking right here.

Free ebook preview-The Devil’s Mouth


Alex Rains loves three things in this world: Rock and Roll music, fast cars, and killing vampires.

Carmen Carranza is a tough lady cop who’ll do whatever it takes to find her missing sister.

When their paths cross, they team up and leave a trail of corpses across the desert as they hunt an ancient evil preying on migrants in the American Southwest…

Hey you guys, I’m really excited to be offering a free preview of my upcoming thriller/horror novel The Devil’s Mouth, the first book of the Alex Rains, Vampire Hunter series. Right below, you’ll find download links for the first three chapters, and I’ll even throw in the prologue at no extra charge.

I’ve been polishing this particular turd to a glossy sheen for quite a while now, and I’m really happy to be able to start sharing it with the world. So please, download your free preview, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

The full version should be available on the Kindle store sometime in April.

Please note, these are quick-and-dirty home-brew ebook conversions, and I can’t guarantee that the formatting is perfect. Bear with me.

The Devil’s Mouth Preview (.pdf)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for Kindle (.mobi)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for epub (.epub)



Free ebook-We Only Come Out At Night

Who wants a free ebook? From today until Sunday, my debut novella, We Only Come Out At Night, is available for free through the Kindle store.

newcover“In high school, Paul, David, and Nadia always dreamed of being vampires. Then they met the vampire who could actually make it happen. As it turns out, eternal youth is everything they thought it could be. No school, no job, no responsibilities, and the party never stops. Until the night when it all goes wrong…”

I wrote this one quite a while ago, before I decided that killing vampires was more fun than empathizing with them. It’s a strange, tragic little coming-of-age story, but it was one of the first things I ever wrote that actually turned out close to the way I wanted it to, so I guess it’s got a special place in my heart. If you enjoy reading it, I sure wouldn’t mind a good review.

Click here to purchase

Or not purchase, because it’s free.



Vampire Highway, introducing Alex Rains

Hey there!

A little while ago I mentioned I’m working on a big project, and I guess there’s no reason to be so secretive about it. I’m just putting the finishing touches on a novel called THE DEVIL’S MOUTH, an action-horror-thriller starring the rockabilly vampire hunter Alex Rains. Just for the heck of it, I wrote up this little short story, (if it’s even that, I suppose it’s more accurately a vignette) to introduce you fine folks to my main character. So enjoy, and if you like it, please let me know.

Without further ado:

Vampire Highway, introducing Alex Rains

By Matt Kincade

The kid noticed a spot of dried blood on his jacket, and a bit more under his fingernails. He scratched the dark red flakes off the black leather, then pulled a switchblade from his jacket pocket and cleaned under his nails with the point of the blade. At that same moment headlights appeared, two white points on the desert horizon. He closed the knife and put it back in his pocket.

The night sky was ink-black, stippled with a thousand bright stars, a full moon painting the low desert hills in gray hues.

The car came closer, headlights illuminating an advancing blur of blacktop. Now the kid could hear the engine: the loud, throaty roar of a V8 with a four-barrel carb and a performance exhaust. The glow of the headlights reached him and the mesquite bushes he stood next to, casting his face into sharp contrast, throwing long shadows from the gravel at his feet. In the light his bleach-blonde hair was short and spiked, and his baby-face had a half-dozen piercings. A smear of dirt crossed his cheek. He stood up straight, smiled disarmingly, and put out his thumb. Continue reading