Okay, it’s time. Mark those calendars, tell your friends, tell your enemies, call the newspapers. I just got the physical proof of HELL NIGHT, the second Alex Rains adventure, and me and my cat agree that it’s pretty awesome. So, let’s do this thing. And if you haven’t already, this would be a great time to check out the first Alex Rains Novel, The Devil’s Mouth

Thanks so much to all of you who have been waiting patiently.


I call her Visa Card, because she’s everywhere I want to be.

Alex Rains Book Two


What the heck is a Bearalope? Where the heck is Prosperity?

That’s why we call it a teaser.

Alex Rains knows all about killing vampires. Too bad it’s not vampires this time. If Alex survives his trip to Prosperity, he’s going to need to update his resume.

HELL NIGHT: Alex Rains, Book Two. January, 2017.

I’m sorry I haven’t been blogging. Would a free book make up for it?

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I am a creature of habit. When those habits get disrupted, things go off course very quickly. I stop blogging for a few days and it’s all over. And don’t even talk to me about Duolingo.

So, yes, I’ve been neglecting my blog, and I’m sorry. In my defense, I’ve been busy trying to push my novel on anybody who can read English.

Would a free book make up for it? Because The Devil’s Mouth is free all this weekend. But if you like it, you have to send me cookies.

Download The Devil’s Mouth for free through 6/19/2016


Well hello there, reader! Just a quick update on the progress of my soon-to-be-released book, The Devil’s Mouth

But first I’d like to say, “soon” is one of those words that quickly loses all meaning when you read it too many times. Soon. Soon. Soon soon soon. Soooooon….

Okay, anyway. I’ve just received the first proof of the Kindle version of The Devil’s Mouth, (My soon-to-be-released supernatural action-horror novel) and I must say it’s looking sharp. If I hadn’t already read it like ten thousand times at this point, I would definitely want to buy it.

So, I’m reading through it one more time, making sure the formatting is okay. And I’m also making a list of blogs and websites that review this sort of thing, in anticipation of its Kindle release, which will likely be later this month. Exciting!

If anybody would like to suggest a book review blog or website, (of which there are a bewildering variety) please let me know down in the comments or shoot me an email. And if any of my loyal readers are interested in an advance copy for review, that could possibly be arranged…


Oh baby, you look so good to me right now…

Free ebook preview-The Devil’s Mouth


Alex Rains loves three things in this world: Rock and Roll music, fast cars, and killing vampires.

Carmen Carranza is a tough lady cop who’ll do whatever it takes to find her missing sister.

When their paths cross, they team up and leave a trail of corpses across the desert as they hunt an ancient evil preying on migrants in the American Southwest…

Hey you guys, I’m really excited to be offering a free preview of my upcoming thriller/horror novel The Devil’s Mouth, the first book of the Alex Rains, Vampire Hunter series. Right below, you’ll find download links for the first three chapters, and I’ll even throw in the prologue at no extra charge.

I’ve been polishing this particular turd to a glossy sheen for quite a while now, and I’m really happy to be able to start sharing it with the world. So please, download your free preview, enjoy, and tell me what you think!

The full version should be available on the Kindle store sometime in April.

Please note, these are quick-and-dirty home-brew ebook conversions, and I can’t guarantee that the formatting is perfect. Bear with me.

The Devil’s Mouth Preview (.pdf)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for Kindle (.mobi)

The Devil’s Mouth Preview for epub (.epub)



Short Story-Five Cats

The notification popped up on Karen’s facebook feed, alongside a little cartoon heart:

John Roberts is now in a relationship with Rebecca Owen.

Karen’s stomach gave an all-too-familiar lurch, twisting itself into a knot and leaving a hollow, aching pit. Suddenly the dish of sliced apples which she’d carefully peanut-buttered and arranged on a plate didn’t look appetizing. She sat numbly, one clammy hand on the mouse, the other flat on the table.

She let out a jagged breath. There it was. John had moved on. Why couldn’t she?

Karen stood up and stumbled away from the computer. That low ache, the bitter melange of hurt, regret and jealousy, churned in her belly. She wanted to curl up on the floor and cry.

No, god-damn it. No more crying. She went out to the porch.

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Vampire Highway, introducing Alex Rains

Hey there!

A little while ago I mentioned I’m working on a big project, and I guess there’s no reason to be so secretive about it. I’m just putting the finishing touches on a novel called THE DEVIL’S MOUTH, an action-horror-thriller starring the rockabilly vampire hunter Alex Rains. Just for the heck of it, I wrote up this little short story, (if it’s even that, I suppose it’s more accurately a vignette) to introduce you fine folks to my main character. So enjoy, and if you like it, please let me know.

Without further ado:

Vampire Highway, introducing Alex Rains

By Matt Kincade

The kid noticed a spot of dried blood on his jacket, and a bit more under his fingernails. He scratched the dark red flakes off the black leather, then pulled a switchblade from his jacket pocket and cleaned under his nails with the point of the blade. At that same moment headlights appeared, two white points on the desert horizon. He closed the knife and put it back in his pocket.

The night sky was ink-black, stippled with a thousand bright stars, a full moon painting the low desert hills in gray hues.

The car came closer, headlights illuminating an advancing blur of blacktop. Now the kid could hear the engine: the loud, throaty roar of a V8 with a four-barrel carb and a performance exhaust. The glow of the headlights reached him and the mesquite bushes he stood next to, casting his face into sharp contrast, throwing long shadows from the gravel at his feet. In the light his bleach-blonde hair was short and spiked, and his baby-face had a half-dozen piercings. A smear of dirt crossed his cheek. He stood up straight, smiled disarmingly, and put out his thumb. Continue reading